Installing/Updating Windows Software Using Ninite

Getting a new computer is an exciting time but downloading all the programs you had can be a tiring and tedius process. Why not let a piece of software go through and do the job for you with minimal effort? This is where Ninite comes in to play. Ninite will download all of your desired programs and keep them updated to the latest versions.

Selecting the programs to install

First things first, head over to the Ninite Homepage where you will be greeted by lists upon list of applications that are able to be installed.

Now check the boxes of the all the applications that you want installed and click on "Get Your Ninite".

Installing Your New Programs

Now you will have been redirected to a new webpage and your software installer should begin to download automatically. All that is left to do now is open the file that has downloaded and the latest versions of your selected software will begin downloading and installing on your machiene.

TIP: If your software installer does not automatically download, click on the "retry the download" link.

Updating Your New Programs

Checking for application updates and installing them is as easy as ever, simply run the installer file that downloaded from the Ninite website. The program will then check and install any updates to the software you installed.

Ninite does offer a pro version that does add more functionality to the service including automatic software updates, if you would like to learn more about Ninite Pro click here.

Ninite Facts

Still have questions about Ninite? Well i'll list some helpful facts about the service below:

  • Ninite is only avaliable on Windows (if you are looking for a mac alternative click here)
  • Ninite will say no to tool bars and extra junk that installers offer
  • Ninite will install 64-bit applications on 64-bit machines
  • Ninite will skip any reboot requests from installers (meaning you wont have to restart your machine)
  • Ninite downloads the latest stable version of apps from official publishers
  • Ninite installs all applications in your PC's configured language

So remember the next time you preform a fresh install of your operating system or get a new PC, be kind to yourself and let Ninite do the installing for you.

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