Creating app icons for IOS and Android

Having a good looking app icon can be the make or break between somebody deciding to download your app or downloading another. So lets make sure that your app icons are up to scratch and meet the technical specifications required to upload them to the App Store and Google Play.

Designing the look of your icon

When it comes to the overall design of your app icon there is a great deal of content online that explains the fundamentals of what makes a great looking icon and how to make it capture a users attention. Design is something that you really need to invest some time into researching and plying around with, in most cases the icon itself will act as an overall representation of your app.

Listed below are some of the best articles that I have found to help out with design ideas:

Creating your icon

My recomendation is to use some form of professional design software for creating your icon such as Adobe Illastrator or Photoshop, this will enable you to have maximum control over your design. However I do understand that not everyone access to these professional grade graphic design tools, below are a couple of online tools that would be great to start creating your icon.

  • Canva - My personal favourite, although some features you may need to pay for
  • PicMonkey - Great for icon design, but it does cost to use (free trial avaliable)

Canva Online Graphic Design Tool

If you are not a fan of the online design tools it is worth mentioning that there are a couple of free desktop applications you can use:

  • Gimp - GIMP is a cross-platform image creator/editor available for GNU/Linux, Mac OS and Windows
  • Iconion - Avaliable for Windows and Mac OS

GIMP Windows Application

Making icon sets with your newly created icon

Now that you have created your app icon we will need to duplicate it in some different dimensions, this is so we can make it look the same across all different screen sizes and have it fit in paces like push notifications.

You can either create all the required icon sizes manually using the IOS or Android app dimension guidelines, but for the sake of this guide we will be using a service that automates this process for us.

Visit App Icon Maker and you will immediatly be presented with a box to upload your app icon, either drag and drop your icon into the box or select choose file and select your icon from the explorer that appears on screen.

App Icon Make (Home Page)

After a breif processing period your icon will display on the lower half of the screen at different dimensions. Depending on what platform you are developing for either click on the download link for the IOS or Google Play icon set.

Now all thats left is to do is extract the icon set from the downloaded folder and place them into the assets folder of your project.

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